We are the Chemical Glycobiology Lab, joint between the Francis Crick Institute and Imperial College London. Our mission is to employ state-of the art tools and techniques to probe the mysterious world of glycans that are ubiquitous in biology and central to life. We are dynamic and interdisciplinary. The best science thrives in a diverse environment – we are passionate about promoting equity and reject discrimination on the basis of any of the protected characteristics.


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News Highlights

25 April 2024

The Schumann lab recently sent some representatives out to Sorrento, Italy for an informative EMBO Workshop: Trafficking and Glycosylation at the Golgi apparatus. Ben delivered a talk on our latest research, and PhD students Freya Hoddle and Abdul Zafar also attended to share their projects ... Read more

21 December 2023

We're delighted to report a just-released preprint from the lab detailing a new chemical tool to profile proteoglycans; a glycan class which is crucial in many aspects of health and disease, yet notoriously difficult to study. We also say goodbye to the paper's first author, Zhen Li ... Read more

 2021 Horizon Prize Winner - New Chemical Precision Tools for Glycobiology

See our RSC 2021 Horizon Prize Video for a fascinating peek into our work
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Bump-and-Hole Engineering of Glycosyltransferases

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Chemical Precision Tools

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Drug Discovery & Chemical Biology Tool Compounds